How many Topics are There in Power BI?

Power Bi

Power BI is a comprehensive business intelligence tool, and there are numerous topics and subtopics that users can explore to master its functionality. While it's challenging to provide an exhaustive list, here is a broad overview of the main topics covered in Power BI:

  1. Introduction to Power BI:

    • Overview of Power BI components and services.
    • Understanding the Power BI Desktop interface.
  2. Data Connection and Transformation:

    • Importing data from various sources (Excel, databases, web sources).
    • Data cleaning and transformation using Power Query.
  3. Data Modeling:

    • Understanding relationships between tables.
    • Creating calculated columns and measures.
    • Implementing row-level security.
  4. Data Visualization:

    • Building basic visualizations (bar charts, line charts, pie charts).
    • Creating advanced visuals (maps, gauges, cards).
    • Customizing and formatting visuals.
  5. DAX (Data Analysis Expressions):

    • Introduction to DAX and its syntax.
    • DAX functions for calculations and aggregations.
    • Time intelligence functions.
  6. Advanced Data Modeling:

    • Implementing advanced modeling techniques.
    • Handling many-to-many relationships.
    • Handling different data granularity.
  7. Power BI Service:

    • Publishing reports to Power BI Service.
    • Sharing and collaboration features.
    • Dashboards and workspace management.
  8. Integration with Other Tools:

    • Power BI and Excel integration.
    • Power BI and SQL Server integration.
    • Using Power BI with other Microsoft tools.
  9. Advanced DAX and Power Query:

    • Advanced DAX functions and scenarios.
    • Power Query M language.
  10. Security in Power BI:

    • Row-level security.
    • Data encryption and protection.
  11. Power BI Embedded:

    • Embedding Power BI reports in applications and websites.
  12. Power BI API and PowerShell:

    • Automation and integration using Power BI API.
    • Managing Power BI with PowerShell.
  13. Real-world Projects:

    • Building end-to-end dashboards on real datasets.
    • Applying Power BI skills to solve business problems.
  14. Best Practices and Performance Optimization: